Agro San Isidro S.A.
Agro San Isidro S.A.


Agro San Isidro S.A.
  • Sales


    En Agro San Isidro S.A. we are mainly engaged in sales and marketing, but we also provide systems for farmers market their products through the traditional auction system, by standard auction and even by direct marketing.

  • Standardisation


    Moreover, we have implemented a product standardisation service aimed at farmers and oriented to tomato, zucchini, aubergine and watermelon and consisting of calibration of the product by size, weight and colour.

  • Agricultural engineers

    Agricultural engineers

    We also provide technical agricultural consultancy by a team of experts on the ground who visit our suppliers’ farms to help the farmer with any queries or problems with which they may need help. In line with our own policy, we also encourage and help farmers to obtain quality certification.

  • Transport


    Finally, we have put a transport service in place that we offer to farmers and customers on request.